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The Thousand Teeth

I am a thirty-something wife, stay-at-home mom, school volunteer, community group leader, writer, scrapbooker, jewelry designer. Oh yeah, and I have this chronic, painful disease called rheumatoid arthritis that tries to take all that away from me. This journal is all about me trying to keep it all together while still living a normal life. (Plus bonus literary quotes! What’s a former English major going to do without her quotes?)

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  1. Laurie

    Great blog!I don’t know what I would have done with little ones and having RA. It was bad enuf having symptoms while mine were in HS…I was an active band parent, chaperoning, buying out Sams club for the concession stand, applying bandaids where needed and hugs all around. I thought my “bad knees” were due to weight. Every Saturday after the game I’d wake up with puffy knees,blaming it on bleacher climbing the night before.(a lot of bleacher climbing. Those drummers and Tuba players had a thing for the young ladies and we tried to minimalize PDA’s)
    A couple hours of ice packs and some motrin and I’d be better by mid morning. Did this from 1997-2003 and had good knees in between. Then I had my hysterectomy, followed by a massive infection (on antibiotics 4 months home with a scar that opened and had to fill in by itself) By Septemebr that year I had hurt my knee and on came the RA full force.
    I find it amazing that prengnant women go in to remission.
    Tried to tell my primary that taking me off hormones after my ovaries were gone was not a good idea..but he insisted. So for the last 3-4 years I have been off my premarin and my joints are back in full war mode. I have been on all the biologics and a clinical study mixing 2 of them together. Like you every bug I get turns into something else and lasts weeks longer. I have FMLA for work, they just are not happy about it. Well, neither am I.
    I went back to my OB in Januaryand begged for premarin…he had no problem with it..”after all the crap you’ve been on for the RA, you need some quality of life) God Bless ya, Dr. B! #.5 weeks into the prmarin and I felt better every day for 37 wonderful days..minimal swelling, less fatigue and was able to get some early spring cleaning done. yay!
    thanks for the great post!

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