Living It, Loving It: Humor Is A Must With Chronic Illness

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The effect that chronic illness has on our lives, and the lives of those we love, is life altering to say the least. It can be confusing and you never know what to expect. The only thing that we ever learn is that the path we choose will influence the quality of our life and that we must be wise and prudent in order to survive. Part of the path we take involves understanding and learning about our illnesses. Another part involves lifestyle changes and accepting that those changes are imperative to having more good days than bad. Probably the most difficult and important part of our lives with chronic illness is the emotional rollercoaster and without balance and sensibility, we can never learn live to live with the challenges.

With our emotional rollercoaster, we learn that humor is a must.

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    Laughing at yourself, there is another good exercise. I was throwing a birthday party for my 12 year old daughter and did not see how I could get everything done, I had already enlisted a number of friends because I couldn’t walk much or lift much… I was unloading the car and realized I can’t possibly get the cooler in the house and was about to get really frustrated and have a tantrum of sorts (I was alone before the guests arrived) when it dawned on me that I could take little bits out and put items in the refrigerator rather than try to pull the entire cooler out of the car! Genius I say to myself and so self-sufficient and so silly not to have thought of it sooner! I had a good laugh at myself and learned from there sometimes it is simply making an adjustment, using a different muscle or changing your outlook that can make all the difference in a day of living with RA.

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