12 Days Of RA Christmas (Encore)


On the twelfth day of Christmas arthritis gave to me

Twelve days in bed

Eleven tubes of joint rub

Ten predinsone pounds

Nine days off work

Eight heat and ice packs

Seven methotrexate

Six days of nausea


Four bumpy nodules

Three swollen fingers

Two wrist guards

And a cortisone shot in my knee!

Some of you may remember the fun we had last year with the 12 Days of RA Christmas!

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  1. amanda says:

    Oh my gosh- you have officially gotten “five flaming joints” stuck in my head…..that’s hysterical! Hope you have a wonderful and comfortable Christmas!

  2. Missy says:

    Too good! I had to text this to a new made RA friend of mine. She sent it to my doctor (her sister who also has RA). Thanks for the smiles!

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