How Can You NOT Laugh At A Time Like This?

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How Can You Not LaughHaving a sense of humor is essential to health, says singer-songwriter Carla Ulbrich, who has found laughter to be a lifesaver during tough times. Under the stress of multiple illnesses and constant health “care,” Ulbrich one day snapped—and became the Singing Patient. She channeled her hard-won victories, set about reclaiming her health, and penned How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?, a collection of short, inspiring, funny essays that help people thrive and celebrate life despite illness.

As Ulbrich spins her tale (and shares some songs), she lampoons common fears and prejudices about illness and lovingly lambastes the foibles of the medical industry. She offers heartfelt and humorous advice for navigating mainstream and alternative therapies, and she guides partners, families, and friends who wish to help their loved ones. Her candid insights, wisecracking commentary, handy lists, hilarious song lyrics, and gentle camaraderie will put a smile on the face of anyone who wants to face illness with courage and humor.

The Top Ten Annoying Things to Say to Someone Who’s Just Been Diagnosed • “On the Commode Again” (lyrics included!) • This Is (Not) Your Life • Disease Envy • Lessons from the Nudist Festival: How Much to Reveal • Survivor: Kidney Island • Doctors Are People, Too • Fibromyalgia: The Other F Word • A Good Vein Is Hard to Find • My Other Body Is a Porsche

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Lupus and Humor
I write and perform ridiculous songs about things like wedgies, Waffle House, Klingons, and- oh yes- Illness, recovery, doctors, and medicine. Thus, my moniker “The Singing Patient.” I have recorded 5 CDs, one of which is called “Sick Humor”- all humorous medical songs. Yup, that’s my “day job.” I am also a published author.
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My Life Works Today! Book Discussion Group

TMLWThis group is for anyone living with lupus, lupus-related diseases/syndromes or other chronic illnesses looking to explore the many facets of our lives without illness taking it all away. Although we are located in the Pacific NW (Oregon, specifically), this group is open to all who are looking to live their lives on their own terms and teaching others about their illnesses by living with them well. We will cover a variety of books and topics, because, afterall, we have a lot to offer ourselves and others.

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