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Junk ArtThis got me thinking (you have now entered a field of land mines). Why don’t we have more creative ra wear.

I am not talking clothing but rather things I have been forced to use in my ra world on a daily basis that to put it bluntly look dreadful! No wonder we get discouraged living with RA. I mean, look at this thing! Dreadful…just dreadful! And here is my hate list: hand splints, elbow wraps and knee wraps (canes do have a lovely, wide variety to choose from). I would love to see some creative type out there invent a hand splint that I can “art” up if I desire. Heck I would be happy to be able to pick a color besides black or maybe white (I think one manufacturer makes it in white). What about blue, pink, purple, polka dots, stripes or anything I fancy.

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I recently came across LemonAid Crutches, which seems to be doing something similar to that which you write about — they work just with crutches, though. Yes, canes we do have…and I’ve recently made it no secret that I want a Dr. House cane!

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  1. Jan

    Dr. House is lovable in his irascible way, although it seems like he has different canes through the series. I’ll have to go look at your link. You and Deb help me so much with your blogs! Thank you.

  2. Deb aka murphthesurf

    Ok since you are the “mystery man” and oh so knowledgeable with a sense of humor…yes…this is the cane for you! I LOVE the LemonAid that is what I am talking about. True fashion 🙂

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