Avoid The RA Emotional Roller Coaster

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An optimistic attitude may help ease the physical pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Follow these steps for staying upbeat.

A diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis means that you’ll likely be dealing with pain for most of your life — and that can take a toll on your emotional health. Studies have found, however, that learning to regulate your mood can help ease your pain. Here are some steps to help you stay upbeat.

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An optimistic attitude won’t necessarily make your pain go away, but it will certainly make it a little bit easier to cope with the challenges of living with chronic illness. The steps mentioned in the above article are great ones.

I posted a Facebook Question this weekend, in which I asked people to vote on their favorite strategies for coping with RA. It is nice to see that after Traditional Medications, the most commonly used coping strategies are Support (blogs, online groups, social media, support meetings, etc.), Distraction (entertainments, hobbies, socializing, etc.) and Laughter.