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    RA Guy

    A little over a week ago, when my flare was at its worst, I contemplated visiting my rheumatologist in order to start a prednisone taper. It’s always “helped” so much in the past. I eventually decided against it though. I love the immediate relief it provides, but I absolutely hate the return of pain that accompanies each micro reduction of dosage. I want to stay on it forever…and then I wonder why I ever started it in the first place.

  2. Bonnie K

    It’s quite a dilemma, isn’t it? Take the bad drug, get rid of the pain for a while, don’t take the bad drug, keep the pain longer. There has just got to be something other than prednisone that will work. Too bad we don’t know what it is – YET. Surely it will come – there is always hope.

    Today I was introduced to a nice guy, friend of my golf playing husband’s, after golf while they were shooting pool. He stuck out his hand to shake mine and so I did as well. Never before has a handshake been so painful, but his was – or maybe it is just that my right hand pinky finger was not in the mood to shake hands today. Eiter way, I flinched, grimaced and took my hand away. “Did I hurt you?”, he said. Well, yeah, he did, but the poor guy had this look of alarm on his face and I couldn’t blame it all on him. “Well, it’s not you”, I told him,”it’s this arthritis thing. Guess it’s got my pinky finger today.” He looked a little puzzled as if he was thinking that I was too young to have arthritis, that I didn’t look like I had anything wrong with me (yeah, we know that one), or that I might just be over-reacting, but he’d take it with a grain of salt. I just have to be thankful it wasn’t a wrong hand shake – that left index finger is all out of whack lately. It just wants to be a royal pain all the time, so I keep moving it to keep it from getting stuck that way – kind of like when we were kids and spent time goofing off by crossing our eyes. “Stop doing that! Your eyes will stick that way!” I can still hear my mother on that one.

    Feel better really soon, RA Guy. We love your posts and all of your stories. We can SO relate.

  3. Bob Roberts

    I have never, ever, evvverrrrrr liked Prednisone and I never will. I’ve been in the fire service for 16 years now and if somebody in my family or friends is sick or hurt, it’s always me that they talk to. I have no problem with that btw. But what bugs me is how often prednisone is prescribed for just about ANYTHING. I feel it’s a “shotgun” medicine for most things and the after effects are horrible. I hope both of you feel better soon. I’ll get back to work now 🙂

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