The Gift Of Time

RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

Earlier this week, I cancelled my personal (non-RA Guy) Facebook account. It wasn’t a particular event that made me take this action, it was just the recent realization that I spend way too much time online. Many times, I’d sit down at my computer to do something important, only to find myself–without even thinking about it–checking out everyone’s latest status updates and photos. (On more than one occasion, I’ve told myself that I’m so happy that such a major online distraction didn’t exist while I was studying in college and grad school.)

Before I deleted my account, I went through my friends list so that I could write down the email addresses of the people who I really wanted to stay in touch with. Funny thing: of the 150 “friends” on my list, I only ended up jotting down about twenty email addresses! (And of those 20, fewer than five used Facebook on a regular basis!)

This holiday season, I’m giving myself one of the most valuable gifts ever. The best part is, it’s not even going to cost me a cent. What I’m doing is giving myself the gift of time; more time to spend on enjoyable activities such as reading books, exploring music, looking at art, playing with my dogs, and talking with others. By default, this also means that I’m going to be spending less time online.

What does this mean for my RA Guy identity, you might be asking? Well don’t worry, this blog will continue to be one of my top priorities. I’m not going away, not in the least. I will, however, be spending less time on Facebook and Twitter. I’m not going to delete these accounts. I have, however, already stopped these two tabs from opening, by default, every time I start my browser.

I’ll definitely still be online; I’m just going to be a little more wise about how I spend my time online.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!