3 Easy Steps To Increasing Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness

RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

Step 1: Present The Problem
What’s Wrong With This Picture?
And before anyone gets upset, I am not trying to compare the diseases mentioned above, all of which are serious. I am merely trying to make a point about the uninformed comments and lack of awareness that RA Superheroes encounter on a regular basis. We have all received these responses, plus many others, at one time or another during our journey through chronic pain and debilitating inflammation.
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Step 2: Provide An Explanation
60-Second Guide To RA
Hi! This is me, Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy. I am a superhero who lives with rheumatoid arthritis. My illness will last a lifetime, but reading this guide to rheumatoid arthritis will only take a minute – I promise. (I’ll even use a countdown timer, just like they do in the action movies!) Can one get a better understanding of rheumatoid arthritis in just 60 seconds?
Let’s give it a try!
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Step 3: Unite & Inspire
Show Us Your Hands!
An Autoimmune Arthritis Community Collage Project. Autoimmune arthritis hands are a visible sign of the enormous strength of people who experience so much pain, that their hands are literally being pulled out of shape. We are proud of our hands. They have endured a lot, and they will continue to endure even more. We will never be ashamed of our hands, no matter what they look like!
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