The Seated View: Customer Service. What A Concept

Case #1: let’s imagine a purely hypothetical situation in which I receive housekeeping services from a particular organization. Let’s further imagine them hypothetically calling me to inform me that my regular housekeeper will be away for five weeks and that they will be contracting out housekeeping services to a temp agency. We could also imagine that I asked whether I will get the same person every week, to which they hypothetically respond that this can’t be guaranteed. Leading to the hypothetical situation of having to take three hours every week – an amount of time that often represents most of my entire workday – to run around after someone telling them how to clean my apartment.”

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  1. Rena Jones says:

    Customer service seems to be going out the windows these days. Where are all the nice people in the world??? Where is compassion, caring, comfort and love and understanding for fellow human beings???

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