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During every *major* flare, such as the one that I’ve been in for the past week, there come a point when–even though I don’t know how long it’s going to take for the flare to run its full course–I start telling myself how well I am doing. Yes, I know that my mind is ahead of my body, in terms of recovering from the damage of the past few days, and I know that my body is definitely still in a lot of pain (an understatement, if ever there was one)…but I have the feeling, that confidence, that no matter what the next few days might bring, I’ve more than likely–once again–gotten through the worst.

And on days like today, I really do (at least emotionally) feel good…and I’m convinced that this state of mind is going to help me pull through this flare just a little more quickly than I otherwise would.

Strangely optimistic words for someone who only 36 hours ago experienced pain of such severity, that he thought he was literally just going to keel over. And while such a thing obviously did not happen, I did have a stumble (not so much of a trip…it was more of a “my body just completely gave out” moment) that would have been much nastier had I not been standing right next to my bed at that moment.

I find myself in a really good mood at the moment, not only because I woke up with a feeling that today might be the day when I once again connected with a sense of good health, but also because two items early in my day confirmed that I was indeed correct in holding such thoughts.

First, even though I’m still in as much pain as I was yesterday, I’m not doing any worse…and it’s this second part that counts for right now…because I think we all know that during those moments when it feels like there is no way the pain can get any worse, it often does. Having gone through this cycle more than once over the past few days, it’s nice to wake up and feel like things are stabilizing a bit. This gives me the hope that things will indeed continue to get better in the coming days. It also gives me a much needed break, and allows me to finally catch my breath from the maddening downward spiral that is a flare.

The second reason why I’m feeling so good is because today I met a personal weight loss goal! I had originally given myself six weeks to lose 5 kilos (11 pounds). In the end, I only needed just under a month to do so. I certainly wasn’t majorly overweight, but I have definitely been carrying around a few extra pounds that were not helping any when my entire body was flaring, or even on more “average” days when I walk around with my crutches. My rheumatologist commented as much a month ago, during my last visit. I assured him that the next time he saw me, I would indeed be weighing less. And the timing of meeting my weight loss goal is extra-sweet because my next appoint with my rheumatologist is this afternoon!

So yes, I’m still in a major flare, but I’m already looking forward to the day when the pain and inflammation levels subside. My mind will continue to respect my body and what it continues to go through…but my mind will also do its best to gently try to guide my body back to a place of improved health.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Ruth Flores

    I too have RA & enjoy your site. I also try not to concentrate on illness. When you feel good you forget, then THE FLARE !!!!!

  2. Gillian Pidler

    Well done on the weight loss RA Guy, don’t you hate those extra pounds when you can’t get up and dance/run them off!! I hope that you’re apt goes well and your flare passes swiftly.

  3. Post
    RA Guy

    Gillian, yes every extra pound counts when moving is next to impossible! I love how I somehow managed to lose the weight without exercise. Goes to show how much healthy eating and portion size count. And my little secret when I’m trying to lose weight: I allow myself a small serving of (usually dark) chocolate each evening to satisfy my sweet tooth!

  4. Prakasha

    You’re such an inspiration, RA Guy! I needed this today. I’m a longtime yoga teacher. (What? Yoga is supposed to keep you from getting things like RA? Ha!) Anyway, I believe firmly in the mind/body connection in dealing with pain, but it’s often a huge challenge. Some days all the years of meditation practice go flying out the window (just for a little vacation) when a flare takes over. So a reminder from you is a sweet thing indeed. Thank you. Keep up the great work, and. . .feel better fast. 🙂

  5. Tanya

    I love good news and good moods! We could all use an extra dose of each to combat this mean disease. I hope you are coming out of your flare soon. Impressive weight loss, I’ve got a few extra pounds hanging around. Looking forward to our neighborhood pool opening soon so I can get back in the water. Even walking around and playing with the kids helps me feel better!!! Take care RA Guy!

  6. Jerry

    You are an inspiration. I love your logs!! Last night I was in alot of pain. all I could do was kick the electric blanket up to high and pull the covers over my shoulders (that’s where most of my pain is and in my hands). Hang in there my friend. Sometimes all we have is our faith and hope!!

  7. Deb aka abcsofra

    Congrats on the weight loss! I sure hope you figure out something with your doc. Seems like you are having such a rough go of it lately. I know you started back on some meds and I can only hope that maybe they will start to kick in and bring you some relief and soon!

  8. Carol

    I just Love reading all you write, such an Insperation to the community of suffering people , like we all are. I hate hearing about your flairs and taking so long to go away. I am learning how being in good frame of mind really helps” the pain. I too try to convince myself it’s not so bad while experiencing a Flair, but as you very well know sometimes it really kicks your butt” I can’t wait till next month when I will see the Rhumy” for 1st time. I am really scared, it’s like a double edged scord” I don’t know what to ask him , I think I should be writting Question down so our time together is quality time?? What do You Think” I have RA everywhere except my elbows and bottom of Feet” am facing 3 surgeries Left hip Right knee and my left sholder all need replacement> Yuk” any advice would be appriciated.I know your taking your trip to USA” soon, and I hope it’s not causeing you much stress.

  9. Kate@CookingwithArthur

    My mum has a wonderful saying about pain – ‘if it moves, it can’t kill you’, now despite her being a nurse that is probably complete rubbish but it helps a bit when in a flare. Really hope things keep looking up for you and brilliant news on the weight loss (I hope you are going to try some of my recipes to keep it off;))Good luck with the rheummy.

  10. KellyRH

    Thanks for your continued optimism…the weight loss goal setting is a great idea. I think I might have a go at it using that same method. If I could get the 10 lbs. of prednisone weight off – I’d feel much better. Especially, since I’ve been off the stuff for 6 weeks or so now. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can. See how your positive thoughts translate into my mantra. LOL Hope the Dr. appointment went well and that he/she was duly impressed.

  11. Lene

    Congratulations on two counts – the weight loss and on the beginning of stabilization. Sometimes, not being worse is all you need to feel better.

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