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These are the top five posts on, according to number of page hits.

1. 60-Second Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis
2. 10 Things I’ve Learned From Living With Chronic Illness
3. You Know You Have RA When…
4. Real Profiles of Rheumatoid Arthritis
5. Superhero Wall of Fame

These are five of my favorite posts from the past year, according to…just the way I feel!

1. The Importance Of Having Confidence In Our Decisions
2. Through The Looking Glass
3. Coping With Chronic Pain: What Is Beautiful About Your Life?
4. Reacting To Other People’s Reaction
5. Lifestyle Changes & Eliminating The Blame Game

And two more, just for fun!

6. Finding Peace In The Pain
7. How My Pain And Disability Improved My Life

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!