World Suicide Prevention Day 2012

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“Light a candle near a window”, is the call made by the International Association for Suicide Prevention, in collaboration with WHO, on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day 2012. It is intended as a message of hope and understanding for those who attempt to end their lives due to feelings of despair and lack of hope.

The theme of World Suicide Prevention Day this year is “Suicide prevention across the globe: strengthening protective factors and instilling hope”. The aim of the Day, which is celebrated annually on 10 September, is to raise awareness among the scientific community and the general population that suicide is preventable.

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In a blog post that I wrote a little over a year ago, I–for the first time ever–spoke about my own personal struggle with suicidal thoughts, which I experienced soon after being diagnosed with chronic illness. Please SHARE, in the hopes of helping others who might be facing some of the same challenges right at this moment.

Don’t Lose Hope!
by RA Guy on July 19, 2011

Today’s post discusses the sensitive yet important topics of depression and suicide. I have received suicide letters here in the past both as emails and blog comments (never published of course), and my hope is that by sharing my own personal story, I might be able to help others who are struggling with these issues themselves.

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