My Happy Place

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Last week, after having shared that I had been stuck in bed for a few days and just needed to get out of the room, I received the following message from Christy S. in Australia:

“I’ve noticed some recent articles you’ve written talking about being stuck in bed for long periods of time and needing to escape outside when you got better.  I’ve been in a bad flare for about two weeks and I got really tired of staring at my closet doors which is what I see when I’m lying in bed.  So, I printed out large copies of a ton of my favourite photos that my husband and I have taken over the years.  Now I have fun and beauty and adventure and happiness when I look at my closet doors.”

What a beautiful idea! (The photo that she Christy sent me of her closet doors–shown here–was even more beautiful.)

Inspired to do the same, I spent yesterday afternoon in my home office, going through thousands of digital photos that I’ve taken over the past decade (a joy unto itself). With a pack of premium photo paper and my inkject printer, I set about creating my own happy place.

These are the results:

No matter how disabling my rheumatoid arthritis might get in the future, no matter how much time I have to spend in  bed, I will never be “stuck” like I once used to. I now just have to look at some of the photos on my closet doors, and I will instantly be transported to some of my favorite places, buildings, and art museums around the world.

I will, indeed, be in my happy place.

Christie, thank you for sharing your idea! Here’s hoping that many others are inspired to create their own happy places.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!