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Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Andrew is married with four children, and was formally diagnosed with RA in January 2009.  It’s wonderful to be able to read another male voice of RA!

Arthritis Is a Journey
Just a couple of weeks ago I met MissDazey online, and have been interacting with her on my blog, on Twitter, and on DailyStrength. So I was very happy to read her fresh off the press blog – launched just today!

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  1. MissDazey

    Thanks for the encouragement. I hope to keep it light hearted, my silliness have helped get me through a lot nasty stuff. I also hope that I can be helpful to others. I still haven’t decided if talking about RA/OA makes my problems worst or better. Anyway, going to do the blog, read more blogs as I twitter away.

    So…how are you doing today?

  2. Diane

    I’m loving your posts RA Guy, you articulate exactly how I feel at times. I have shared a couple of your links on my Facebook page [hope you don’t mind] and I think its helped my friends to understand my challenges.
    Funnily enough, just yesterday a relative of mine passed comment that I needed to accept my illness and stop talking about it – I was taking on the role of a “sick” person, and I needed to rise above that, she couldn’t understand why I would avoid say going to the gym because of my fear of the backlash – its amazing how even people close to me don’t understand RA. Personally, I think I do an amazing job, I try to seize the moment and find joy in my life wherever I can. Sure, I’m cautious, and have learned the hard way that on a “good day” cleaning the whole house will have consequenses. Thanks for your total positivity.

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