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New Legislation Introduced in the Senate

The Arthritis Foundation is pleased that Senator Rockefeller (D-WV) recognizes the importance of access to affordable medications.  He introduced on August 6, “The Affordable Access to Prescription Medications Act of 2009” (S. 1630).  This legislation would cap out-of-pocket costs for medications – including arthritis drugs under Medicare Part D as well as those with private insurance.  It would cap prescription drug costs at $200 out-of-pocket per monthly prescription and a total monthly out-of-pocket cap of $500 for all prescriptions.  Senator Rockefeller is working to include this legislation in health care reform legislation.  Please tell your Senators about this important legislation and how it would greatly benefit people with arthritis.

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  1. Hazel

    I’m glad someone has seen fit to put together a bill concerning prescription costs, however, shelling out up to $500 a month for prescriptions is NOT what I consider to be “affordable” by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. chelsea

    That’s great for folks who take the really expensive drugs and can still find a way to pay for $500/mo for meds. Many of us can’t afford more than a fraction of even that. And I worry that the drug companies will find a way to keep the prices of all the generics artificially high and continue to raise those costs for generics in order to cover what they lose on the expensive drugs, thus making it harder for those who are trying to just get by on the generics.

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