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Me and my RA from the beginning
“Like so many others, I want to document pretty much from the beginning my Rheumatoid Arthritis story. I know there are millions of us, but until I was told I may have it, I really didn’t know anything about it, I didn’t really know anyone who had it, so I thought I would add to the already many personal stories, mainly to get the word out and raise the awareness.”

Please welcome Magda, who just yesterday started blogging about RA!

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  1. Becky

    I was recently diagnosed with RA and like you didn’t know much about it prior to my diagnosis. In hopes to somehow help raise the awareness of RA I have decided to start a journal of the daily life with RA. I ignored my symptoms at first to the point of loosing the ability to walk and use my arms before I surrendered and sought medical attention. Yes I am hard headed but with with the assistance of dreaded medications I am able to accomplish my daily activities now. While it is still somewhat fresh in my mind, I am going back in time and recounting when I first remember what I now know were symptoms, and my thoughts and behavior toward them. (about a 1 year time span)

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