Breaking: Sightings Of RA Superheroine Reported Nationwide, Pt. II

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Wheelchair bound woman speaks on MSNBC after being heckled at Pallone Healthcare Town Hall

I have just two words for you, Marianne: You rocked!!!

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  1. Cammie

    Mariane you are a true heroine. You were so brave and stood up to those rude, horrible people. Thanks for giving a voice to everyone who suffers with chronic illness.

  2. marianne hoynes

    Thank you RAGuy, and to all my friends from the RA, Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens and MS sites, and sick for profit site, who listened to my call for support, who nurtured me last night when I was scared of going on TV today, and I was having a bad flare. I didnt get to say much that I wanted to say, but my comments on healthcare were all for you. I will continue this fight for a not-for-profit public option and regulation of the pharmaceutical industry until it changes, or they drive me into poverty and make me homeless, whatever comes first. (and if that happens, I’m setting up my cardboard home in front of the White House, and you can all come take my picture!LOL)

    I wouldnt have had the courage of doing anything like this if not for the example of RAGuy. Thank you so much, all of you. You are my sisters and brothers in chronic illness, and my sisters and brothers in true inspiration.


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