Breaking: Sightings Of RA Superheroine Reported Nationwide

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“What happens to the least of us in our society is the definition of who we are.” -Marianne Hoynes

A week ago yesterday, Marianne Hoynes sent me a message in which she shared a video clip that showed her being heckled, as she spoke publicly at a health care town hall meeting in New Jersey. (Please see: Health Care Reform Superheroine)

During the past few days, coverage of Marianne’s story has grown as multiple blogs, including the Huffington Post, reported on this event. Yesterday, our fellow RA superheroine reached the mainstream media – as segments of this video were broadcast on MSNBC!

Marianne will appear live on MSNBC this afternoon, sometime between 3:00 – 3:30 pm EST. If you can, be sure to watch or record the show. In the meantime, please join me in supporting Marianne as she prepares for her big appearance later today!



You might think that you are only one person – but you have already been heard by millions! Thank you for being such a strong voice for those of us who live with chronic illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

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For more background on the continually increasing cost of rheumatoid arthritis medications, please read The Battle Over Biologics.


Democrats in Congress are now embracing a pathway for generic biologics handcrafted by the name-brand drug industry, legislation with the sole aim of ensuring excess profits by limiting new market entrants.

Health care reform should be an achievable goal. Lawmakers need to focus on the end game of reform: better health outcomes for more people and real cost containment. Protecting the current players from market forces is not the answer. There are real savings to be found in an abbreviated pathway for biologic drug approval that allows competition after seven years…

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Simultaneously, however, the House and Senate are considering proposals that would prevent lower-cost pharmaceuticals from coming to market by regulating generic versions of biologics known as follow-on biologics or “biosimilars.”

The proposals before Congress are an attempt to create a pathway for allowing these biosimilars into the market. But the legislation favors pharmaceutical companies and hurts patients by offering brand-name companies 12 years of market exclusivity before generics can come to market. Traditional chemical drugs receive five years of market exclusivity before generics may be produced.

Even worse, current proposals permit brand-name companies to make minor modifications to their products at the end of a 12-year market monopoly, and then receive another 12 years of exclusivity. This process would yield a perpetual monopoly.The current legislation would virtually eliminate the possibility of generic competition.

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Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!