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Adventures of La Coja

I am a young woman with rheumatoid arthritis living and working in Mexico. I graduated from the University of Kansas in 2007 and like every young person looked forward to what i saw as an ideal future. However, when my disease came out of remission in late 2006, my life took a totally different direction.

In place of the impressive job and swanky apartment I wanted, I ended up unable to work and living with my parents. I traded in my beloved nightly martini for cocktails of drugs. As I began to lose the ability to walk well in 2008, I came to the realization that disability requires creativity. I received a total hip replacement in May 2009 and decided to make a move.

There undoubtedly will be some obstacles and the not so occasional mistake made. However, Id rather live by my own rules than dictated limitations. I hope my story will be a resource of ideas, truth, and hope to others who are also trying to make their own rules.

Thanks to Synovial Syntax for sharing this link with me via Twitter.


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