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Amazing amount of pain at the moment – it hasn’t been this bad in a loooooong time. I’m definitely flaring. Still, off to class I go. Learning a foreign language in a foreign language just might take my mind off things.

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  1. Wren

    Sometimes distraction works better than anything else, Guy. Hope the class took your mind off the pain for a while, anyway. I admire your courage.

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    RA Guy

    Hi everyone, thanks for the comments. I wrote this short post before class in order to force myself to push through it…I figured that once I posted it publicly, I couldn’t go back. I’m glad I went to class, though. Otherwise I would have just gone to bed and the pain would have probably gotten worse.

    I learned my first sentence today in Aymara: “Achachilajampiwa Tiwanaku sartha.” 🙂

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    RA Guy

    Ha, I knew someone would ask what that sentence means. It translated to “I am going to Tihuanaco (a city) with my great-grandfather.” Sort of a silly sentence, but just last night we started forming our first sentences. This is the one that stuck with me.

  4. Rheann

    Understand totally – me, too!! But just remember to smile through it all – our ‘journey’ will help many along the path – and we’ll probably not know how or when or where. So when the pain is at it’s worst – smile even bigger – someone is watching!! ~RockinRhea (a 20+ yr RA survivor/ing!!

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