Arthritis Ireland: Become A Juvenile Arthritis Mentor

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Arthritis Ireland LogoNow, as part of Arthritis Ireland’s Juvenile Arthritis Programme, adults who themselves have/had juvenile arthritis can provide children with arthritis and their families with valuable insight and support. Becoming a JA Mentor allows adults to pass on the benefit of their experiences with arthritis, increasing the confidence of children and their families by helping them to better understand their condition and its impact on their lives. As an adult who has grown up with juvenile arthritis you will have so much relevant information to share with us and families affected by the condition. With your insight and knowledge we can develop supports that will impact positively on the lives of children and families now experiencing what you have been through.

Mentors can be just a phone call or email away when a young person is looking for their personal perspective on attending further education or planning an around the world trip. Adults who have lived with juvenile arthritis, we need your experience!

If you’re interested in becoming a JA Mentor or would like more information please contact Michelle Towey, Programme Co-ordinator on 01 6470208 or email

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