Hand In Hand For RA

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Hand In Hand For RA

People with RA no longer have to feel like they are “held back” by their disease. In fact, a new survey of people with RA showed that the exact opposite is true — they are looking for ways to do more.

Hand in Hand for RA is a national awareness campaign that aspires to tap into the community’s “can do” spirit by empowering the approximately 1.3 million Americans living with RA, their loved ones and friends to join the ever-growing national movement of volunteering and public service.

More Info: http://handinhandforra.com

Hand In Hand for RA is a national awareness campaign developed by Genentech and Biogen Idec with the grassroots advocacy group CreakyJoints.

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  1. Viesta

    I read your journal, thanks for sharing, every little bit that I can read on RA and where to get some help is step in the right direction …

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