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Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy really likes items that are not only functional, but that are whimsical as well. They need not always be humorous in nature. Just as long as they are designed with design in mind, I love them. (It must be the design student that still exists inside of me.)

So this past year, when I was visiting one of my favorite stores in San Francisco (Rainbow Grocery), I was thrilled to find this scented heat pack in the form of a giraffe. Not only do I love giraffes (they actually had a wide assortment of animals), but I loved the notion of taking a somewhat mundane scented heat pack and wrapping it up with a stuffed animal.

The heat pack is easy to take in and out, and heats up in seconds in a microwave. When the scent begins to wear out, all you have to do is douse it with a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy essential oil.

So while I’m heading into warmer weather (these past few days have been some of the warmest all year), I thought some of my friends up in the northern hemisphere might like to share in my recent discovery, as they move into the cold winter months! After all, how could you not like a heat pack that smiles at you?


Hot Hugs Giraffe
Aroma Home Hot Hugs Microwavable Giraffe Heat Pack with Lavender and Chamomile Pure Essential Oil – Made in England

Heat packs are fabulous to use for aches and pains, muscular tension, stress or cramps. Can’t sleep on a cold night? A cozy heat pack will work its magic. Cold Feet? Heat packs keep your footsies warm and comfortable. Heat packs soothe and calm children. Children love to cuddle with plush warm companions. Heat packs are easy to travel with, especially on a long flight or bus ride. Beneath this giraffe’s furry tummy is a wheat sachet. Simply heat it in the microwave and enjoy a warm cuddle every time. Just give them a big hug and bask in the aroma of pure lavender and chamomile, which promotes sleep and well-being. Yummy, sweet smelling animals. Hot Hugs are innovatively packaged and are 100% natural making them the perfect gift. Go on, spread some animal magic. Made in England.

More Info:Aroma Home Hot Hugs

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Wren

    That’s just adorable, Guy. I think I’ll ask Santa for it. I’m sure he’ll come through. After his wild, whirlwind world tour by sleigh and all that chimley-sliding laden with a heavy bag of goodies on Christmas night, I bet he really appreciates a friendly, fuzzy-soft heat-pack that smiles at him. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Jo Trotman

    Love your product and have tried to buy this guy but what turns up is smaller giraffe, poorer quality fabric and a fur mane which is not child friendly. Can you tell me if the giraffe on this site is still available to buy?

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