Sunday Break

Because there is no such thing as taking too many breaks!


Inca Ruins

Before my recent break at the end of October, I mentioned that I might travel into the countryside and photograph some Inca ruins. I ended up not doing so during this time, instead deciding to give my body some extra rest as it recovered from the most recent flare. I have, however, made this trip many times in the past and wanted to share some photos from those trips. These stone ruins are found on islands in the middle of Lake Titicaca, where members of the royal Inca family used to live.

I tutor my homeschool nephew a few hours each week. For our language arts lessons we are reading To Kill a Mockingbird. For our science lessons we are reading The Tracker. (By the way, I love all the discussion about homeschooling that I find on many other RA blogs!)


I roasted a pumpkin last night, so pumpkin pancakes are on this morning’s brunch menu!


Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

  1. WarmSocks says:

    Great pix! Thanks for sharing.

    “(By the way, I love all the discussion about homeschooling that I find on many other RA blogs!)”
    I keep my homeschooling and RA blogs separate. If you want to look, here’s the link.

  2. RA Guy says:

    Laurie, we just use any regular pancake recipe (we make it from scratch, no mixes) and then just throw in some pumpkin puree. If you’d like our regular pancake recipe, please let me know and I would be happy to share it!

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