BBC News: Cold Weather Misery For Arthritis Patients

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Like many people, Nila Patel is feeling stressed about the prospect of entertaining her extended family during the Christmas holidays – but her concerns are exacerbated by the fact she has rheumatoid arthritis.

The 26-year-old, from London, is hosting a family dinner with her mother, but her fingers are badly deformed and her condition makes domestic duties more of a challenge.

“I will always try to help around the kitchen – but there are certain things I can’t do, such as peeling potatoes,” she said.

“My mobility is quite limited, and my activities. I can’t carry anything too heavy and I can’t grip very hard. I cannot carry a big pot from one hob to the other. I have to use two hands.

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  1. Laurie

    I feel her pain. I cooked dinner Christmas Eve for the six of us. I had to plan my holiday shopping so my younger son could be over that day to bring in the heavy packages that I had problems with, like cases of soda, cat litter, cat food, my ham and turkey. The new reusable cloth bags have been a big help, easier for me to maneuver.
    My older son is my sous chef, he helped me put the ham in and out of the oven….my knees don’t let me bend and stay balanced. All in all, it was a labor of love, but on a damp cold day (here in Florida) it was more of a slow process.
    I took some of my ultram instead of the percocet I have for pain so I would be lucid. It hurts more not to take the stronger pain medicine, but at least I remember the day!
    Here’s to all my RA compadres…may your days be pain free in 2010.

  2. leslie

    What a beautiful young lady she is! Yes, the cold weather does hurt the joints. So does rainy days and that darn barometric pressure. I’m glad there is yet another article showing young adults and what we all go through. Although, I am 36…maybe that isn’t so young anymore? lol 🙂

  3. Lucinda

    THAMK YOU! I have redieved so much grief from family, co-workers, etc. who just don’t get it! I can now send this to them and hope they can clue in. Just because I’m smiling does not mean I don’t feel miserable. You made my day!

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