Going Off The Grid!

RA Guy Adventures of RA Guy

Yesterday Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy and his family took a day trip to visit some pre-Inca ruins. The sunny afternoon eventually faded away as the clouds began to build up, which was somewhat of a good thing because standing under the strong summer sun while at this altitude can be quite overwhelming. (SPF 50 is my normal sunblock, and even with that I can still get a sunburn.)

Eventually the clouds turned to sprinkles, the sprinkles turned to rain, and then the rain turned to hail. The umbrellas that we had taken to protect us from the sun ended up protecting us from a completely different element. My wrists started flaring with the cold humid air, but the worst passed within an hour or two.

Early Saturday morning we are traveling to Lake Titicaca, where we will spend the next few days. We will be spending a couple of nights on a slightly remote island that still houses Inca temples. The nighttime sky is amazing, especially when it fills with more stars than you have ever seen in your life, and the sounds of donkeys and llamas float through the air. During the day, the horizon is filled from one end to the other with snow-capped Andes mountains. All in all, it’s a pretty remarkable place.

I used to make this trip frequently, sometimes even once a week. I haven’t made this trip in the last year, as it’s pretty strenuous at times and culminates in an intense 45 minute uphill walk/hike…but I’m ready to go tomorrow. Next to my backpack are my crutches, ankle supports, and tube of Voltaren Gel.

RA or not, I know it’s going to be a great trip!

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!