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hot-chocolateYesterday was a great day, as Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy’s family got to meet two important individuals of his support team. In the morning, as I stayed home to tutor a new student, my family spent some time visiting with my psychologist. In the afternoon, they joined me for my monthly visit to my rheumatologist. It was nice having these different people in my life – who in their own way continue to provide me with so much support – get to know each other.

It has been a long uphill walk this past year. I worked to establish my professional support team with really strong individuals – people who excel in their fields. I worked to truly share with my family members the ups and downs of life with rheumatoid arthritis. And most importantly, I worked to accept the presence of rheumatoid arthritis in my body and in my life. Yesterday was one of those days when it felt like everything was coming together, full circle.

Just the fact that I can label yesterday as a great day in and of itself is a big step forward, as my rheumatoid arthritis continues to flare. In the morning, I stayed in bed for a couple of hours as I struggled to move my ankles and wrists. I surprise myself sometimes, as I awake to find myself performing soft rotations of my hands and feet. The pain in my wrists once again reached new highs, but it didn’t seem so bad. I don’t want to say that I am getting used to this, because I don’t know if one can every really get used to this amount of pain…but maybe I am getting used to it, in a way.

In the afternoon, right as I was walking into my rheumatologist’s office, my left hand started curling up from the inflammation. I’m all too used to this happening, but up until now it’s only happened in the morning or when I am napping. Now, it comes out of nowhere, anytime during the day. A few minutes later, as I responded in the affirmative to all of the questions that my doctor was asking me, I had to lower my head in embarrassment when asked if I have been doing my daily hand exercises. I haven’t. I need to. I will.

Arava, which we stopped a couple of months ago, is going back in. I had forgotten that this suspension was going to be temporary – the idea was to give my body a break from this medicine, and to try to give me a timeout from the hair loss. But it’s reintroduction is not permanent either…we’re going to introduce 20mg for one month, then 10mg the next month, and see how it works in combination with the Plaquenil.

In the evening, we made peppermint hot chocolate and put up all of the ornaments on the Christmas tree – it looks lovely. My sister gave each of us a new pair of pajamas, a tradition that she was introduced in her husband’s family. We listened to Christmas music as we hung the ornaments, and my mother shared the history of all of my childhood ornaments as we pulled them out of the box.

RA flare. Hot chocolate. More meds. New pajamas. Happy memories. It definitely was a great day.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!

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  1. Julie Woodard

    What is a great day for me? A day that I can wear shoes that don’t look like something a clown would put on. Somedays I get out my “Pretty” shoes and put them on even if I can only wear them while sitting. A day where sitting up in a chair hurts less than laying in bed. A day when I have so little swelling I can actually “see” the wrinkles in my skin that I have earned over the years. But a great day on the Dr front is when I actually have a flare during the visit and he can see it and know that it’s not all in my head. I love days when my fingers work in concert as I type and I don’t have to actually think about which finger is ok to move. In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that I am starting to have more of those days than bad ones. Hope is alive, good cheer is alive, I am alive and if I’m in pain, that only means that I am definately alive to feel it. The alternative would be a real bummer. 🙂 Glad you had a great day. I’m gonna go have another great one too!

  2. Millicent

    Yesterday sounds like a very special day for all of you. Maybe you’re accepting/acknowledging the pain when it comes, then dealing with it as needed. It is huge to be able to do that without ranting against it! Hang tough..& do your hand exercises!

  3. jodi

    aside from the flare & the medication issues, it does sound like a really, really wonderful day. i am so happy for you that your family is there for the holidays.

  4. Michelle

    Good days are like a rare gem. Enjoy it!

    Hope today is better than yesterday,

    (I’ll do my exercises if you do yours!!)

  5. Barbarella

    @Julie Woodard : Yes! re. shoes. The days I can wear my nice shoes, are good days.

    But then…. I have 3 beautiful kittycats that keep me sane during the bad days, and when I look at them EVERY day is a good day. 🙂

    Here´s to many more good days for you, and all of us.

  6. Lana

    It does sound like a good day (minus the flare and med issues). Keep drinking that hot choclate and keep that positive thinking going. After all, positive thinking is our defense against chronic pain.

    I wrap my wrists and hands when I got to bed with heating pads (I use thermacare) and it helps me during the day because I type for a living (I am a legal assistant). It is not magic but it makes for an easier day. Of course, by the time the evening rolls around…yup, you know the drill.

    Keep up the positive thinking.

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