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I just had to share this wonderful comment that I received earlier today.

Hi! I’ve been considering responding to your blog for a while now (actually a year-ish while…)! I was born in South-Africa and still find myself here. Lovely country, and among other amazingly strange facts, we have 11 official languages! I was diagnosed with RA 8yrs ago, and at a point in 2009 when my sense of humor totally deserted me, I came across a poster of your 60 Sec Guide to RA behind the restroom door at my rheumatologist’s rooms. (Fortunately it was a copy of an original, imagine that same guide in all 11 languages). I couldn’t stop grinning all the way home-imagining the logical way to explain to people why I’m younger than their grannies that have the “same disease” that I have!? Thank you so much for that: not only can I now explain the DIS-ease of the disease, but I can also encourage other people living with RA to count their blessings. I live with an altered perseption of what it means to be blessed and that makes the day-to-day surprises when living with RA a unique adventure at a special pace. Like living in Africa. God Bless! God Bless!

Might I be accused of lurking, though?