Grinding Knee

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KneeYou know that abrasive scraping sound that a car’s brakes start to make when the pads are wearing thin? Well, I’ve begun to experience this feeling in my left knee. It started a little over a month ago, would come and go very irregularly, and would last for only short periods of time.

Now, this sensation is occurring much more frequently, for much longer periods of time. It does not seem to be inhibiting my ability to move my knee any more than my rheumatoid arthritis usually does, but it definitely dose have that “fingernails on a chalkboard” quality — I can stand it, but it certainly isn’t pleasant.

All of this is completely new to me, so I guess that I will have to visit my rheumatologist soon to discuss this latest development. I was assuming that I would only need to get an x-ray, but yesterday my physical therapist told me that I will probably need a CT scan.

My online research seems to indicate that there are two likely causes for this grinding sensation in the knee. One reason is that the cartilage in the knee is dry and tough, and that in most cases this can be temporarily relieved with a joint lubrication injection. Another reason would be that the cartilage has started to wear away completely, leaving one bone to grind against another. The solution in this case…well, I’m not exactly sure…but it certainly doesn’t seem to be as simple as a shot.

If anyone has experienced this grinding sensation in the knee as a result of rheumatoid arthritis, I’d really appreciate the opportunity to hear more about your experience. What diagnosis did you receive? How were you treated? I’m not trying to jump to conclusions, I’m only trying to educate myself as much as possible in preparation for my future visit with my doctor.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!