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Reach Beyond RA

The 2011 UCB RA Family Scholarship Program

The UCB RA Scholarship Program recognizes and rewards exceptional students who take control of their rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and do not allow it to control them. In 2011, UCB is awarding 30 scholarships of up to $10,000 to students who are not held back by their RA. If you or a loved one is living beyond the boundaries of RA, we encourage you to apply!

The deadline for application submission is March 18, 2011.

More Info: http://www.reachbeyondra.com/scholarship/Default.aspx

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  1. Stella Abrams

    I am a woman In my fifties who got rheumatoid arthritis at 28. I am on disability , but am trying to start a writing career! Last year I drove by myself to Florida for the Romance Writer’s Of America Conference! They have classes daily 8-5 on all aspects of writing! I would love to go take classes this year at conference in NYC , but can’t afford to go . If I received this money I would use it toward futhering my new career! Thanks, Stella Abram

  2. Joseph

    My wife has RA, and because of her age we do not receive funding. I am 33 and I’m the main provider for our family and make only 11,000/yr. I am wanting to get back to school to the Ohio Center of Broadcasting, but finacially we are not able to do this. My wife is very supportive, and is pushing me on to what ‘I love’ with all she is able to do. I’d love to give something back to her and be able to succeed in this dream we’ve created. But the financial issues are beyond what we can do.

    I would use the money to go back to school so that I am able to take care of the love of my life.

    Joseph L.

  3. kimberly gaches

    my name is kimberly, i am 17 and i have RA. as of now i am on SSI because me and my parents cant afford to come to the doctors on my dads pay checks. i would love to go to college to become a mechanical drafter, but i know that i cant afford it on my own. i am going to green country technology center in Okmulgee, Oklahoma and am in a drafting class and want to go to itt tech in oklahoma city. i have RA in 20 places of my body i cant really do much, i dont get to b a kid and, just want to do what makes me happy and that is becoming a Drafter. please help me…

    Kimberly Gaches

  4. Kim Hostiuck

    Hi,My daughter who is a Junior was diagnosed at the age of 2 with JRA.She also was born with a heart condition calle Tetrology of Fallot and just went thru her second open heart surgery. I would love to be able to send her to college but I don’t think I can afford it being a single parent.Despite Tori’d medical issues she is such a amazing person.The biggest drawback is she has never been able to do any sports such as soccer,basketball,run track etc. Sending her to college would be a dream come true for her.


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