NYT: Need A Broad? Call Turner

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“What made Kathleen Turner right for the part?” he said. “In a word, I needed a broad, and when you think of a broad, you think of Kathleen Turner.”

Ms. Turner is 56 now and has not attempted to roll back the numbers on her odometer or hide the wear on her tires. “I’m late middle aged, honey,” she said recently, neither bragging nor apologizing. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, for which she has had to take powerful medication for years, and went through a well publicized period of alcohol abuse. She has had so many operations on her knees and feet that she calls herself bionic.

“You don’t ever want to go to the airport with me,” she said. “I always set off the alarm, and then they have to pat me down.” She shook her head. “While they’re doing it, they say these sweet things like ‘Oh, I just love your work.’ ”

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