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Chronic Pain Wizard
…the sometimes bitter, often sarcastic, always wry musings of the chronic pain wizard.

Cheating circa 1990: Having two ice cream sundaes after dinner.
Cheating circa 2011: Taking the wrist splint off a week early.
Rocking it on the wild side, baby!
(Yes, you may laugh at me too.)

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Comments 4

  1. Tinah

    Latey I have been in so much pain, my gosh, but I refuse to take any of those prescribed meds.

  2. Linda Newsom

    Love your blog. I have Ra and and have pain everyday. The other day as I hobbled to get into a building and realized the door was was to heavy for me to open a lady came up behind me and said “geez dont you know women open their own doors stop waiting for a man”.

  3. Wesley

    I am 21 and got reuma when I was 19 and it still hurts to this very day. I suffer from the Tietze Syndrome, some form of reuma in my chest which gives me pain almost all the time as if I had a heart attack. Sometimes I feel like I’m 200 years old hehehe. I can’t work, I can’t go to college (got kicked out because of Tietze) so now I’m writing an ebook about how to endure chronic pain, it relieves to write about it, and I may help others with it as well :D.

    See my blog for more info:

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