Creaky Joints: Peer Mentoring With Dr. Laura

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Peer Mentoring ProgramPeer Mentoring Program Featuring Sara Nash June 22nd, 5:30 EST

Join Dr. Laurie in an intimate, peer mentoring conversation over the phone with other CJ members! Space is limited.

This year Creaky Joints will have peer hosts who will introduce the topics and offer their perspective, while Dr. Ferguson moderates.

The purpose of the call is to build support and encouragement for those who live with RA and other autoimmune conditions. Creaky Joints is sharing strength and experience so that each person learns something new, and contributes their best practices for the daily living.

Sara Nash, author of the blog: Single Gal’s Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis hosts June 22 on the topic, “Dating and Relationships.” This call will feature Sara Nash’s funny and wise stories about dating and relationships when you live with RA. She will bring her best advice and answer questions for those who join the call. We are looking forward to laughter, good ideas and inspiration!

Each call will be an hour. To register, contact Creaky Joints here. They will send you a confirmation email including the toll-free number and access pin.

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Creaky JointsWelcome to CreakyJoints, a community for people of all ages with arthritis who want to live their lives despite their condition. A place where having a little chronic pain (or even a lot of chronic pain) is OK, because there are others within earshot who understand.

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Single GalThe Single Gal’s Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis
One single woman, one crazy city, and a chronic disease