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Writing about what I know – life, work, (single) parenthood, inflammatory arthritis, and irony

A lot has happened with me in the last three years; things that have fundamentally changed my life, my outlook and my priorities.  I have become a (single) parent.  I have taken voluntary redundancy from a long-term job and am now working independently.  And I have been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis (a chronic and often debilitating autoimmune disease).

And for three years I have been a lurker.  I have looked online for people with similar experiences, and have taken great comfort and reassurance from what I have found, and I am not alone – apparently  ‘1 in 4 internet users who experienced a recent medical crisis went online to find someone like them…

Up until now, I have not been ready to talk much about my own experience. but increasingly I feel it is important to add my voice to the body of experience that is amassing online – particularly in relation to health matters, where there is some vital advocacy work being done.  I am also finding that the conversations I am now having with people going through similar things are invaluable in terms of helping me to feel connected and come to terms with my illness.  At the very least, I hope that what I have to say will provide that element of human connection and comparison for people going through a similar experience.  And it would be even better if we could have a chat about it!

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This new RA blog is particularly fitting, considering today’s discussion about “Are You Talking About RA?”