Rheumatoid Arthritis Roller Coaster

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Considering the flare that I’ve been in all day, I thought it would be appropriate to re-post this video that I created a while ago…enjoy!

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  1. Jan

    That is a really helpful way to “explain” a flare! Hope it’s okay that I’m now putting this on my RA blog. Thanks.

  2. Dr Karen Hoving

    Hi! This is BRILLIANT! I am going to share it…
    BTW – have you tried Retuxin for your RA? This drug CHANGED. MY. LIFE. I was bed ridden for years, then went on Retuxin (first person infused at my clinic). Have been on it for 5 years, now only need it 1x a year. I stay in remission for 12+ months!
    I know everyone is different, and it may not help you.

    Am following you on twitter! Have a painfree day.

  3. Dr Karen Hoving

    One more question: did you make your website? If so are you in the “field”? I have some questions and didn’t know if you offered advice or did this for a career…
    Dr Karen

  4. Deb aka murphthesurf

    I saw this on another blog link and have to say..OMG RLOL! Now having ra myself it isn’t that I don’t take flares to heart..I do..I DO but for someone reason I got the biggest chuckle from this oh so true visual. You are brilliant and I can’t thank you enough for making me smile so often! And the music couldn’t have been a better selection 🙂 Keep the post a coming so I can keep getting my daily fix 🙂

  5. Post
    RA Guy

    Karen, I originally studied architectural design, but most of my career has been spent working as a product designer/user experience designer for tech companies and online vendors. I also do web development. So yes, all of the writing/design/coding/development of this website was done by myself.

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