Frida Writes: Invisible People. Or, Compare and Contrast: WiMPS And GIMPS

RA Guy Community News

“When people fail to notice accessibility issues, when they fail to notice that their actions in a particular moment create an accessibility issue, when they fail to make accommodations because they have no proof that something’s wrong with you, when they say nothing looks wrong with you, when they make fun of you because they see lazy instead of disabled, when they mock you because they see you as quirky or clumsy or stiff, when they conflate physical and learning and mental disability, when they think learning or mental disability is a failing or a choice, when they privilege one disability over another, when they enthuse about euthanasia for people on ventilators, when they believe reasonable accommodation is an unfair advantage, they make you and your disability invisible, they render you an invisible person. They deny needs that can be met, they deny your humanity, they resist understanding. They in fact don’t want to understand.”

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