ThriveWithRA: Employment in Hiding: The Reality Of A Chronically Ill Person’s Need For Job Preservation

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“My name is ‘With RA’ – ‘Thrive With RA™.’ This James Bond-like introduction is offered in jest; however, using my Rheumatoid Arthritis Community Name as my identifier – a pseudonym – is entirely serious, out of necessity of preservation. The need for this anonymity is because I am a Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient, am still employed, receive health insurance from my employer, want to preserve the option to cultivate opportunities for employment without prejudice and maintain my health care economically. I am not the only person that has chosen this route. Sadly, there are many suffering from illness in the world who also lead a ‘covert op’ as part of their lifestyle every day. It’s not being disingenuous or untrue to oneself, but rather, a necessary method in the madness that is the reality of dealing with injustice against those living with illness of any kind, or disability.”

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  1. HayWire0831

    I’m having such a hard time at work. I haven’t called in sick because of this yet, but it’s SO hard to get to work and my job is very stressful, so it just makes it worse. I’m hoping to go back to school and become an ultrasound technician or something where I’m not sitting all day. I think my desk and chair are slowly killing me.

  2. Frank

    Wow, I have been living anonomously at work for years, not wanting to disclose to supervisors that I have RA. I have really good insurance which covers all of my ENBREL injections, they are working great compared to the years of other meds I have used. Thank you for this very informative post.

  3. IR

    From a security point of view, using a pseudonym is a great way to help protect yourself. It’s a good idea to keep your online self separate from your real self with things like; name, address, phone number and to an extent that’s growing pictures. It’s not hard to data mine these days. It doesn’t mean that you’re hiding anything or not telling the truth. In fact, I find that not using my real name lets those who know me personally that I allow on my friends list understand what I am talking about and I can open up more in a public forum about personal issues that I would probably have not done otherwise. I like to try and help people and relay information but if some people knew what I go/am going through it would make things more complicated.

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