ABC’s Of RA: Preparing For A Flare

RA Guy Community News

“Having ra requires one to be on top of their game with planning. So often we are left wondering when, where, and how a flare will arise. We might never find definitive answers to the when, where, and how of a flare but rest assured if you have ra, you will get a flare.

Often a flare can put us out of commission for days on end.  If we are lucky our flare may last for just a few hours or if we aren’t so lucky, they can last months.  And this is precisely why planning for a flare is so critical.  We already know that a flare can rob us blind. It can take our happy disposition, it can steal away our determination, it can humble us with pain but it need not completely put you into a stress meltdown with wondering how in the world am I going to do anything with this flare.”

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