Walk With Me Daddy! A Children’s Book Project About RA

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Walk With Me Daddy!
By Jennifer Francisco

“I have recently written a book called “Walk with me daddy” The book is a true story based on a little boy and his dad and how they spend a day together. The little boy knows that his dad is different because he knows his dad is sick, but the little boy still loves his dad and cherishes the moments they do spend together even if it is a walk in the park.

His dad has a disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatoid or RA, is a disease that has no cure at this time but with with every book that is purchased part of the proceeds will go to help a family with Arthritis. RA, is a chronic form of inflammatory arthritis, it is also an autoimmune disease. Doctors are unable to understand at this time why a patients immune systems mistakenly attacks their own body tissue, causing painful swelling and fatigue. In some cases even bone erosion.

RA, is often thought of as an elderly disease but studies have proved it effects younger people, men and women between the ages of 30-50. Studies have also proved that it is now affecting over 298,000 children a year.”

More Info: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/726092471/walk-with-me-daddy

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  1. George Siebelink

    Good story, I myself am finding it hard at the moment, I’m 34 and got told a month ago I have RA, I used to do so much with my 8 year old daughter and now I’m to sore or tied to do anything. As a family we are slowly coming to terms with it.

  2. Deb aka abcsofra

    A wonderful gift for any family living with ra and children. The more that is said, written or televised about ra, the more the word gets out there and hopefully the research dollars used for a cure. More then anything, I would love to see a cure for ra in my lifetime.

  3. Shan

    This brought tears to my eyes. There are so many emotions in this little clip for me. I think children who have a parent with RA are much empathetic to other people in pain or who are sad. They have an appreciation for how hard life can be – with that said, I’m riddled with guilt that my daughters (4 and 1) have to join me in such hardship. Childhood is meant to be fun, free and spirited. Sometimes I’m just too sore, too tired, too short of patience – each day these thoughts cross my mind. Shan xo

  4. Laura Burdey

    I think this is a great way to help children understand the disease and help out people with it all at the same time. I myself got diagnosed with RA three weeks ago, so far the Doctor said its only done damage to my neck and that my back looks ok, but that I have had to have had this disease a while for it to do that already, my last doctor didn’t believe me. I’m praying they put me on something that helps for the last two months I have been in constant pain everyday, I’m finding it hard to get up and go to work or even eat at times, and at my job I am required to work 50 hrs a week so I don’t know what I am going to do. Definitely think I should cut my hours back to part time, but that would mean giving up the managment position I am in. I am trying to explain it to my little girl but I don’t know how to put it… any suggestions?

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