Kacee Nicole Andujar

Kacee Nicole Andujar

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Kacee Nicole Andujar




Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States

How long have you lived with RA?

Since I was 16 months old.

What advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed with RA?

Never give up!

Do you use any mobility aids?

Not anymore, when I was small I had to use shoe supports and knee braces.

How has living with RA helped to improve your life?

It has made me stronger, more determined to reach my goals.

Do you have any visible signs of RA?

I have one thumb that is longer than the other. One foot is bigger than the other. One leg is slightly longer than the other. Still some signs of swelling in my knees they are larger than a normal childs.

Can you please describe some of your favorite coping strategies for living with RA?

I like to draw, read or anything to take my mind off my aches and pains. Sometimes, I just curl up with my mom.

Can you please describe your current medical (traditional and alternative) treatments?

I have no medical treatments at this time, as a child my body would not process the drugs so I could not take anything. Hot baths help a lot.

Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share?

I want to grow up and be a singer, maybe you will see me on “American Idol” at some point.

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  1. Joni

    Hi Kacee,
    My family lives just outside of Clarksville, Tennessee. When I was diagnosed as a teenager I had a wonderful Rheumatologist in Nashville. That was almost eighteen years ago now. Your positive attitude will take you a long way!! Keep it up. I find your story to be an inspiration to us all. 🙂 Take care!

  2. Claire

    Hi Kacee,
    You are right never ever give up! I was diagnosed at 6 months old, and was blessed with a beautiful strong mother to stretch out my knees and wonderful pediatric rheumatologists to knock some sense into me. My knees will always be bigger then everyone’s too ;), but I get to apply makeup and make women feel wonderful every day with my funny looking hands. I think I am too old for American Idol now, but would also love to be a singer. Tennessee is a great place to accomplish that dream! Bless you and keep on singing!

  3. Katrina

    Awesome! I wish you luck in the singing and hope that things stay positive and happy in your life. You are very strong and should be very proud of yourself! 🙂

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