HealthCentral: Show Us Your Hands! A Story Of Hope And Community

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Five months ago, RA Guy put out a call for submissions to a community collage showing the hands of people living with different kinds of inflammatory arthritis. “I knew I had tapped into something powerful when I saw my inbox completely full of photos,” RA Guy says. Many of the photos were accompanied by remarks like the above about how empowering it had been for the person to take the picture. “I felt that this deserved to be something more than just a one-time project, so I started thinking about people who I would enjoy working with. Lene’s name and Cathy’s name immediately came to mind.” At about the same time, I’d myself had a lightbulb moment while at the dentist and hurried home to write RA Guy an e-mail suggesting a collaboration. All three of us were already pretty overcommitted, but as RA Guy puts it, “when Lene sent me an email, I sort of figured that the three of us working together was meant to be.”

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  1. Kate@CookingwithArthur

    Great to see this on HealthCentral. I was just thinking this morning after reading Lene’s piece that the whole project is such an example of how the best advocates for a condition are those with it. I don’t think any arthritis charity or health org could come up with something so creative or empowering, which is a good reminder to people who work in health policy (like me, I’m not just having a go at us faceless bureaucrats without taking some too) that support isn’t about doing things to people, it’s about giving people the space to show what they can do. And our hands can do great things (even if they hurt like hell sometimes)!

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