theoldladyinmybones: A Living With Arthritis Blog

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“I am a writer living in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a poet at heart, but also write fiction, creative non-fiction and prose. As well as working on smaller pieces, I am also working on a novel and collaborating on a screenplay. Writing is my passion, not my job.

In my thirties, I was diagnosed with early Rheumatoid Arthritis. I developed this blog to share my experience in living with this disease. I also want to create awareness that arthritis is not a disease just for the elderly. Young people are susceptible and can suffer just as much. It is a debilitating disease that destroys lives. It affects employment, personal relationships and can cause depression. Knowledge is power. The more you learn about your situation, you can live a fulfilling life despite your disease. Sometimes you must learn to let your old life die and create a new one, like a re-birth.

In order to manage my time, as I am new to the blogging world, I will post once a week; if time permits, you will see more mid-week posts. Readers will experience stories, prose and even poetry about my experiences and the experiences of others.”

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