HealthCentral: Back To School Guide For Parents With Rheumatoid Arthritis

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With Labor Day weekend behind us, all of the kids have slowly made it back to school.  In my family’s case it is “to school for us.”  After having my kids home with me as homeschoolers all their lives, they are giving high school a try this year.  Their first day was August 14th. My son is going part-time taking two electives and still considered a homeschooler while my daughter will be a full-time public school student who is also running cross country.

As they were preparing for their first days of school, I started thinking about how life might have been different for me living without my kids at home with me.  “It’s a good thing we homeschool momma and can be here during the day to help you when you need it.”  This was something my children used to often say as they helped me dress or undress.  Honestly, as a homeschooling momma, I did feel lucky to have my kids home with me where they could help me when I needed a hand getting my shirt off or my buttons buttoned.  As early as six and eight years old my children were learning that as much as they needed me, I also needed them.  I needed their physical help around the house moving light objects, picking things up from the floor, and more.  I also needed the constant hugs they gave me throughout the day reminding me that no matter what rheumatoid arthritis had in store for me, I was still a momma that was loved.

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