Live Art.fully: The Art Of Living Well With A Chronic Condition

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Live Art.fullyby Jennifer Le Blanc

“This is the first post of a new blog series. The posts in this series will include my thoughts on a variety of subjects, all beginning with “The Art of.”

Today I want to talk about the Art of Living Well with a Chronic Condition. […]

Create or maintain a support system. When you are able, be there for others. When you need help, learn to ask for it, and accept it. Severe levels of chronic pain quickly cause a sense of isolation. That sense of being alone can be detrimental to your well-being. Reach out! […]

I hope something here helps you when you are struggling with your reality. Life still has a great deal to offer, and you are not alone!”

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  1. Jodi Mazzone

    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis on August 10, 2009 (it’s funny how I can remember the exact day I heard that dreaded title). It has been a roller coaster of emotions, pain, fatigue, and more than a dozen upper respiratory infections. Over the last year, I found myself slipping away physically, but most of all mentally, and it nearly cost me my marriage. I wanted to blame my husband on the failing marriage saying that he just didn’t want to feel sorry for me. I was afraid to do anything (literally). I’m 44 years old and I was digging my own grave.

    One day I just woke up. About 7 months ago I just decided I was not ready to roll over and die. I was too young and regardless of the pain I wanted to live life to its fullest. Since then I have camped (for the first time), took an amazing trip to New York City, and started mountain biking. I have made some amazing friends and am doing great emotionally. Physically, I still struggle everyday, but I am now refusing to let it hold me down.

    For all of you out there that battle pain, stiffness and fatigue everyday like I do, don’t give up. Fight for yourself, your worth it!

    I also thank my husband for not giving up on me.

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