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Me and my RA from the beginning
“Like so many others, I want to document pretty much from the beginning my Rheumatoid Arthritis story. I know there are millions of us, but until I was told I may have it, I really didn’t know anything about it, I didn’t really know anyone who had it, so I thought I would add to the already many personal stories, mainly to get the word out and raise the awareness.”

Please welcome Magda, who just yesterday started blogging about RA!


Forty-Two Ways In Forty-Two Days

If you are not already following Jules’ current series “Forty-Two Ways In Forty-Two Days” at An Attitude of Gratitude, you must check it out! Each entry continues to add a positive moment to my day. Forgiveness. Peace. Friends. Harry Potter. Work. Blogs. Mothers. It’s all there, and Jules is not even halfway through!

Forty-two brings new goals and new challenges.

July 5, 2009

SO. Today is my forty-second birthday. I have to say that after reflecting on this in the days leading up to today-this is probably “mid-life” for me. The reason I am thinking this way is because there are many, many days that I feel “42″- but there are also quite a few days where I feel like I am “84″. Pretty much anyone with a chronic illness like RA will be able to relate to that on some level. But one thing I DON’T feel any longer- is younger than my age. The funny thing is- I am okay with that. I have thought about this long and hard most of the day and I am perfectly okay with where I am in my life right now.

First- my GOALS for this year:

1- It is my goal to blog “42 Ways in 42 Days”. For the next 6 weeks, beginning tomorrow, I am going to blog a specific thing that I am grateful for- not just what it is but WHY I am grateful for it. I have thought through and started my list, but there are plenty of spots open to add as I go along. If I have something else on my mind I can either do a second post here or I can put it at my less used blog on this server called “Just a place to Ramble”.

2- My next goal is to do something strictly for someone else at least once a week. Not a favor- just a service. This is something that I will have to annotate elsewhere, because I don’t want to feel like I am doing it to brag about it- but I do want to talk about the results and how I feel after.

Thank you, Jules, for this wonderful and inspiring series on your blog!


Two More RA Blogs

We Can Rebuild Her, But Don’t Spend A Lot Of Money!
Blogging since April 2009! Rockch1ck writes about rheumatoid arthritis and other topics. (Hat tip to Synovial Syntax!)

Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior’s Log
Blogging since January 2009! “I’m currently a high school English teacher.  I grade papers like I breathe.  I’m also the head coach for the boys’ and girls’ tennis teams.  I continue to coach private lessons at an indoor club year round and run day-long summer tennis camps at various facilities in the area.  Prior to my career shift into teaching, which was sparked knowing that my R.A. would make full-time tennis coaching tough, I also worked in advertising and marketing.  I live in a Chicagoland suburb, keeping me close to my family.  This is helpful as we often need to lean on each other.” (Hat tip to All Flared Up!)

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Motorcycles And RA

Dual Sport Life
“If you never take chances … you’ll never have anything to talk about.”

My name is Terry. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, but I am determined to enjoy life and not let this disease dominate me. I live with pain everyday, although most days it is a low scale pain. Dual Sport Life is an analogy of my struggle with RA. I have raced motorcycles for a large of my life, but have just recently found dual sport riding. The combination of my RA and land closure in the National Forrest’s in our area make dual sport riding a good alternative for me. I also love dogs, and have come to the conclusion that “Little Dog” owns us, not the other way around. I invite you to follow my blog as I will be posting on living with RA, dual sport rides and occasionally reliving some old racing memories.

Terry, whose site I have just come across, has been blogging for the past couple of years. He writing brings together his passion for dual sport motorcycle riding and his life with rheumatoid arthritis! This is definitely one combination that I have not come across before.