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seesawA seesaw (also known as a teeter-totter or teeter board) is a long, narrow board suspended in the middle so that, as one end goes up, the other goes down.

In a playground setting, the board is balanced in the exact center. A person sits on each end and they take turns pushing their feet against the ground to lift their end into the air. Playground seesaws usually have handles for the riders to grip as they sit facing each other. One problem with the seesaw’s design is that if a child allows himself/herself to hit the ground suddenly after jumping, or exits the seesaw at the bottom, the other child may fall and be injured. For this reason, seesaws are often mounted above a soft surface such as foam or wood chips. The origins of the word come from the visibility gained and lost as players take turns giving each other a vantage point.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy is pleased the share that, in regards to RA, he is doing much better than he was a week ago. A little over a week ago I set my mind – and all my energies – to working through this latest flare. I now find myself much closer to where I had hoped to be.

That said, last week was a rough week. Before things got better, they actually got a little worse. By no means was the path from there to here a straight one.

My holistic approach to treating my rheumatoid arthritis continued to grow, as I incorporated Reiki treatments into my therapy – for the first time. I had one session each day between Monday and Thursday. After getting over my curiosity (what’s going to happen?) the first day, I entered into a very deep state of relaxation during my session on each one of the following days.

The thing I liked most about these sessions wass that it was my physical therapist who performed them, in the comfort of my own house. I enjoyed the thought of bringing more healing energy into my home by someone who knows the ins and outs of my physical body (based on more than fifty physical therapy sessions during the past few months).

Towards the middle of the week, I had a pretty major crisis. I have sciatica problems every few months, and I think I wrote a few weeks back that I was starting down this road again.. Things got better. Things got worse. Things got better. And then things got really worse!

When the sciatica nerve is inflamed, the area that is usually most affected spans from the lower back to the upper leg. In worst-case scenarios, the pain passes through the knee, past the calf, all the way down to the ankle. I reached this point, and the paralyzing spasms of pain through the entire length of my left leg definitely let me know.

Towards the end of the week, emergency physical therapy sessions were scheduled. My joints were not getting the attention that they were used to. (I forgot to mention that my PT sessions earlier in the week were spent trying to loosen up contractures that had appeared along the entire length of my back…the second half of the week was supposed to be dedicated to my joints.) Luckily, my recent increase in Prednisone seemed to be taking care of my arthritic joints – at least for the time being.

Finally, on Friday, we called in a homeopathic specialist as a stop-gap measure…all of the health professionals who treat me on a regular basis were concerned with the downhill slide I was undergoing, and wanted to slow things down before the entire situation snowballed even more. After a series of tiny injections of homeopathic medicine along the entire length of my leg, followed by another physical therapy session, the worst finally seemed to be over.

During this past weekend I noticed that the inflammation of the sciatic nerve had finally (!!!) subsided. But, the surrounding muscles have been damaged quite a bit and need a lot of care and patience in order to heal.

So while my joints are less inflamed than they usually are, I am actually more in need of my crutches at the moment. Without them, I walk with a very pronounced limp in my left leg.

And to top is off, all week long I was nursing a cold. Finally, this too seemed to have passed yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by my gym, cleared out my locker, and bought my belongings home. I have no doubt that, sometime in the near future, I will once again participate in the morning classes that I have grown to love over the past year and a half. For the time being, though, I am stepping back more than usual in an attempt to give my body the time and space it needs to not only heal, but to heal correctly.

In the past, I would have chalked this up as a sign of defeat…but now I know that this was actually a victory. It’s a interesting notion, I know…moving up by moving down. In some regards (physical) I am behind where I found myself a few months ago…but in others (emotional), I am light years ahead of where I have ever been. And with this, I am more than okay.

Stay tuned…for the next adventure of Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy!