Too Young For Arthritis

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This film features young people discussing what it’s really like to have an ‘older person’s illness’ at such a young age and the impact that it has on their everyday lives.

The young people talk very openly and honestly about some very sensitive and difficult issues, including coping with treatments, hidden disability and their experience of being a long term patient.

arthritis-care-logo2At Arthritis Care, we believe that people with arthritis need much more than well-meaning sympathy. They, and their families and friends, need support, understanding, information and expertise, so that they can cope better and get the most out of life.

That’s exactly what our organisation does, through a wide range of services designed to improve life for everyone with arthritis.

If you are affected by arthritis we can support you through our helplines and self-management courses; our information and booklets; our local groups; and our campaigns to change attitudes and improve services.

People with arthritis are central to everything we do, and are involved at every level of the organisation. We need your support to represent people with arthritis, and to maintain and develop our services. You can beinvolved as a member, a donor, a subscriber or a volunteer. Your support is vital.

Arthritis Care works on behalf of over 700,000 people in Scotland who are affected by arthritis. It provides services and support for people with all types of arthritis, their families, and those who work with them.

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  1. Dr Karen Anne Hoving

    This is a brilliant video. I have RA and SLE-not JRA but I’ve had it for 20 years. My 18 yo daughter has had Lupus for 4 years….this helps people with any kind of severe chronic pain disease, especially young people. But so many of us that are adults have been yelled at for “looking good” but needing a handicap sticker on our cars… Thanks for Sharing, and thanks so much for the Arthritis Foundation of Scotland for alerting people that JRA is a horrible disease – and so many people are ignorant about it (not because they are haters,but they just don’t know).My daughter had a lot of problems with other kids at school bc she missed so much and was on a special program (a 504 plan) for health problems so she got special help when she missed tests,etc. But again, bc she “looked good” they called her a faker. It’s hard for adults to deal with these diseases, but it’s very hard for kids/teens- that already have so much on their plate…Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sasha

    It’s so important to shed light on JRA and the fact this isn’t an elderly issue. For those of us that have JRA or RA, this perception can lead to just one of the many mental and emotional battles that we fight to overcome.

    Thanks again for a great post.

  3. Elizabeth

    It’s always nice to see people- especially young people- opening up on these diseases. Sometimes we’re really shielded from the reality and I hope the film opens the eyes of people who really didn’t understand before.

  4. Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Its a very good thing that your organization is doing. People who suffers from arthritis need to go through lot of stress, treatment and medicines. Its not easy to go through the process, they should be giving special attention and care so that it will help them to come across such disease.Arthritis Care is doing awesome job and its a great initiative.

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