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Sky High

When I saw this movie (The Intouchables paragliding scene) in February of this year, I was experiencing daily extended episodes of complete body paralysis. I told myself that if I ever regained my mobility, that I would go out and paraglide too. Well, I did it! Today I went soaring above the Andes!   Thanks […]

Name My Cane!

  Thanks to the hundreds of people who suggested a name for my cane. (You can see all of the wonderful ideas here and here.) I have created a short list of my favorites, and would like you–my friends and supporters–to make the final decision! Update: The winning name is Eileen-as in I lean! Thanks to […]

Disability Studies: A New Normal

The New York Times by Cecilia Capuzzi Simon “The temporarily able-bodied, or TABs. That’s what disability activists call those who are not physically or mentally impaired. And they like to remind them that disability is a porous state; anyone can enter or leave at any time. Live long enough and you will almost certainly enter […]