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Photos © Nicole Name? Nicole Age? 31 Location? Toronto, Canada How long have you lived with RA? I was diagnosed at 29, but like many people I think I had symptoms that I didn’t recognize to be RA signs from my early 20s. When I was younger I used to wake up feeling like I was walking on burning glass. Turns …

More Rheumatoid Arthritis Blogs

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A new list of wonderful blogs written by strong individuals living with rheumatoid arthritis. Incurable Hope Basically… I am… just trying to accept the hand I have been dealt but still live the life I want to live. This blog is a place for me to release the frustrations of living with Autoimmune disease and to celebrate the victories I …


What Really Matters. And What Doesn’t.

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All of my life, I’ve felt like an outcast. It started way back when, and these feelings date to some of my earliest memories. You see, as a young child, I had a severe speech impediment. Thoughts were clear in my head, and I always knew exactly what I was trying to say…but somewhere between my brain and my mouth, …